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DNS | Homelab Basics

Special thanks to /u/releenc for reaching out to me and writing this edition of Homelab Basics. This edition is a bit longer than my other ones, but is very informative because he is a "DNS Professional" and explains the concepts very thoroughly. Homelab Basics - DNS By Robert Lee, /u/releenc on Reddit DNS (the Domain Name System) is one of the most important and fundamental network services used by everyone on the Internet. Unfortunately it is also one of the most widely misunderstood and misconfigured. The meme used among IT people troubleshooting problems that “It’s always DNS” is so pervasive because it’s true. In my 30 years of experience, if you cannot connect to something and there is not a network hardware error, it’s (almost) always DNS. The function of DNS is relatively simple. When a network device, like a PC, a smartphone, or anything else needs to contact another network device, it must do so using the IP address of that device. We as humans prefer to

Samba Network Shares | Homelab Basics

Homelab Basics - Samba Network Shares Hello there! Today I will be explaining what a Samba network share is, why you need one, and how to set it up. You will only need your server, and for this tutorial I will be using Ubuntu 18.04 Server LTS as my operating system, under my DL360 G6 running vSphere. Requirements -1 Core 500mhz+ Processor, 1ghz preferred -256mb RAM, 1gb+ preferred -Hard Drive/SSD to use as share -Internal Network Connection, Ethernet preferred What is a Samba Network Share, and why would you need one? A samba network share is a filesystem that runs on your network, that is always connected to your network. Filesystems connected to your network are referred to as NAS' and are the backbone to both a business and home network. NAS' allow the user to store files not locally on their computer, but on a server's storage space. This helps conserve storage on the user's computer and allows easy file transfers between different user'